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The Party! 😈

Bwahahahahaha!!!!! Ya boy actually got out the house one night and decided to go to this Halloween house party shin dig! Really wasn’t going to get out but I got some help with making a costume and bam, I was ready! Lol

(I was trying to figure out who I wanted to go as based off the swords on the rack, but I decided to just be your basic SamuRYE!😉)

Headband on and Tanjiro‘s sword in hand, I headed to the car and proceeded to head to the gas station first! Gathered what I needed and headed to the party! Got in, and was greeted by a lot of people! Now one of my main Points was to meet a bunch of people from the North Carolina anime group chat, which I did! One of the first people that I noticed was my boy Jarred and Rugo from the group chat! Depth both my guys up and proceeded to head towards some of the people that I noticed from the group chat. Now when I got around a lot of people, everyone felt so warm, so welcoming! (especially Rose, she was so sweet lol Nay too!)

Now we going to speed through a good bit of the party as you know how parties are, there’s a lot of drinking a lot of smoking a lot of dancing, and in this case beer pong! The party was lit, not gonna hold you! Headed outside to the porch to meet all of the smokers, and they were cool as fuck too! Lol we all had some pretty good interesting conversations about multiple anime characters and that’s always a good time!

All right, so there was a major thing that happened at the party with me and I’m just not the type of person to include that in this blog but, let’s just say before I knew what I knew, it would’ve been a first for me that I wouldn’t have minded lmao (look no sex happened I know where your mind is LOL) After feeling kinda uncomfortable, (in a good and bad way low-key) I drunkenly got up, grabbed my sword, told just a few people I was heading out and headed to the whip. Sobered up a bit on the phone in the car, then headed out to the sanctuary!



- ”uhhh you’re ummm *SNAPS FINGER* THAT SAMURAI WITH THE AFRO(The only white guy that was at the party)

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