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The Pressure!

When did I slip on the digital banana peel and fall into the influence of social media? I remember i used to be so glued into who i was. the love of the things i would dive into. The art i used to create was so emotional and full of me. The songs I used to write were so powerful to me, like a waterfall or just the ocean in general. Naturally powerful. They had no influence from peoples opinions or the way things made me want to shape my art different. Even down to the way i looked at myself as a person... Swear to you, social media made me really hate who ive become. I have truly changed.

I gotta start fixing whats been changing me into someone i don't like. Dead ass, its gotta stop. Its time to start being real with myself. its time to start getting my shit together with nobody's pressure but my own. Its so much i want to reach for and I just feel like this time is the real start of it all! (if you knew me, you'd know I start over like 100 million times on something, gotta change that too!)

- The Wandering SamuRYE

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