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The Silence.

SIGH…. and a big one at that… my heart is emotionally and metaphorically different than the average being of my species. Even though I hate it ( HATE is an extremely harsh word ) my heart holds on to stuff that nobody else’s really does. (good and bad) Truthfully, I been trying to get over it these past 20something years after my realizations, but the deeper I feel, the thicker the hold is on my heart. It starts to silence me at times and a nigga really be held back at what my heart wants to say. Like I’m a prisoner to my own heart so to speak Lol.

The quieter I am, the deeper the thoughts roam. Is the silence helping or hurting me? Do I care too much? Do I need to alter my perspective?! Do I speak my truths, or respectfully hold back my opinions? At this point, I have not even a Blues Clue.…

Am….. I…… TOO Silent?!

Guess life is still teaching me a few things about myself I thought I knew.

- Rōnin(浪人) Rye.

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