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The Start?

I guess i'm getting back into my blogging side of myself again. Man, time tends to carry us along life's track and boom, you find yourself back to the thing that you used to use to escape. I thought about holding back some information I wanna speak on but i guess we'll get to that bridge when we cross it. At the moment, im surrounded by my thoughts on relationships, love and self doubt, drunk at 4 am. I know I cant keep on going through life like I have been.... biggest question is, how do I stop the pain in my empty ass heart?

Ive struggled with this for years, but it seems like everything is coming back to haunt me. Therapy is seeming like the move im going to have to make in order to better care for myself. RN I dont feel the love people say that they have for me and its becoming unbearable. All this hurt I guess I cause others makes people do me any kind of way and think any kind of way. look at me, never breaking a curse. yay......

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